Best Online STD Test | Anonymous STD Testing Near Me

Anonymous STD Testing Near Me

Anonymous STD testing near me - The best anonymous testing for STD is to have the test done by yourself at the comfort of your home. You collect the samples yourself, and send it to the lab for diagnosis.  The result will be shown to you only usually through their secure online dashboard.

STD Testing Clinic - Cost Of STD Test In Clinic Near You

STD testing clinics near me? Are you looking for the nearest STD testing clinics?  Most of the clinics offer STD testing.  However, you need to register and provide your full personal details to the clinics for the screening process.  You will have to speak with the nurses and doctors.

The average cost of STD testing in clinic is between $50 to $150 for the initial testing if the clinics accept your insurance.  Otherwise, the cost will most likely be more.

Over The Counter STD Test - Walgreens

You can buy OTC STD test kit directly from Walgreens Stores or Online.  Walgreens has stores all over United States.  You can easily locate them.  If you prefer to shop online, you can buy the test kits here.  However, the items may not be packed discreetly.

Best At Home STD Test For Women And Men - MyLabBox

One of the best at home STD test kits - MyLabBox is a CLIA certified STD online lab that provide accurate and anonymous STD test and diagnosis for those those that prefer to do the test at home. They also provide free physician consultation through phone if you need any advises should your test show positive.

This at home test kit for STD is much cheaper as compare if you go to a clinic and have the same test done.  It is also not as convenient and can be awkward if you do the test at the clinic.  You may need to visit the clinic a 2nd time if the result is not immediate.

You do not need to make any trip or speak with anybody if you get tested using the online STD lab service.  They will notify you when the result is ready and you can log into their portal and view the result - all from anywhere you choose to be.

Discount code and coupon

MyLabBox periodically gives out discount code.  You can check out their portal here.

Top 4 Best Reasons to Invest In an STD Testing Kit

ccording to statistics, sexually transmitted diseases, otherwise known as "STDs" are on the rise with diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus, which is commonly known as "HIV", gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, and syphilis topping the list. Other sexually transmitted diseases that are becoming more prevalent as time goes by include, human papillomavirus (HPV), mycoplasma genitalium, trich as well as hepatitis B & C.

Yet unfortunately, all these diseases are deadly and will result in great suffering before death for the victim, if left unaddressed. While some diseases can be completely cured and the health of the patient restored, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, and mycoplasma genitulium, other diseases like HIV, HPV, can only be managed, using various remedies, including antiretroviral drugs.

Early STD Testing Significance

Whether treatable or manageable, sexually transmitted diseases should be diagnosed early and treatment or management steps initiated early for maximum results. That's where STD screening kits come in quite handy, allowing people to test and diagnose the above sexually transmitted ailments. That said, these screening kits, which allow users to perform at home STD tests and know their health statuses are pretty much for everyone who is sexually active.

Reasons To Buy An STD Screening Kit

Are STD testing kits really worth it? I have seen this question posted on many forums, dwelling on this subject. The answer is YES, and I will give you four good reasons why everybody should acquire a reliable kit for running at home STD tests:

To Begin Early Treatment or Management of the Diseases If Need Be for Best Results

A quality STD testing kit lets you know your STD status and take the necessary steps. If it diagnoses a sexually transmitted disease, the user can then seek medical assistance before it's too late. Some of these STDs, including HIV, can be very challenging to manage if left unaddressed for long.

Patients who start taking antiretroviral drugs(those drugs that are taken by HIV victims to suppress their viral loads) may not be able to derive the same benefits as their counterparts who start taking the drugs at the early stages of infection.

For example, one of the disadvantages of getting started with antiretroviral drugs late for HIV victims is the fact that their immune system may not restore to a level similar to that of their counterparts who diagnose their HIV condition and start taking the drugs early.

To Protect Your Health or Your Sex Partner's

As said before, STD self-testing kits allow users to test themselves conveniently at home or wherever they are. These kits are portable enough to carry in a regular backpack such that users can travel along with them. Before you go to bed with a sex partner in a scenario whereby all of you do not know your STD statuses, you can easily take out your kit from the backpack to test yourself.

If heaven forbid, one of you is infected, you can figure out ways to have sexual intercourse without getting the other person infected or you can avoid intercourse altogether. That's how an STD testing kit can help you protect your health or that of your sexual partner. Protecting other people's health by being responsible is a noble thing to do plus it makes sure you don't get to regret and be sorry later.

To Maintain Confidentiality

While STD testing centers guarantee full patient confidentiality, sometimes the patient may give themselves away by how they react when they receive news that they did not expect. Some patients will create unbelievable drama, and it's so easy to tell that they have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

If it's a well-known person, it's easy for some people to expose his or her STD status to the gossiping public, resulting in negative consequences such as stigmatization, seclusion, and mockery. With these kits, users are able to conduct at-home STD tests, keeping their STD status confidential.

To Avoid Premature Death

It goes without saying that some of these sexually transmitted diseases can be very deadly and cause the loss of life within a very short duration if not addressed. HIV, for instance, may cause terrible suffering and death for the patient within 5 years from the time of infection if left unaddressed.

But if antiretroviral therapy is initiated early enough, the patient may live just as long as a healthy person. STD testing kits allow users to know their STD statuses and start the necessary therapy early, if need be, to avoid dying too early.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, STD screening kits play a pivotal role in our lives, which is to help us know our STD statuses. Meant for everyone who is sexually active, these kits should be acquired by everybody who's active sexually. Reasons for that include to begin early remedy, if need be, for the best results, to protect your health and that of others, to maintain the confidentiality of our STD statuses and to avoid premature death. Order your kit today and take control of your health.

What Are The Next Steps?

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection can be a heartbreaking thing to come to learn. It might seem like a good idea to withdraw from society and keep to yourself, but you will need all the support you can get from those closest to you.


Counselling is the first step an individual will have to take for them to get the situation under control. This will help you come to terms with what is happening, and start preparing you to deal with the illness. This is done by equipping you with knowledge and skills necessary to managing the condition.

In the case of herpes, there is no cure for the condition. What you can do though is manage the symptoms, and also taking of medication to prevent further breakouts. These medications will also help the body deal with the severity, and also help reduce chances of you infecting the people around you. This does not mean that precautions shouldn’t be taken.


Some medications that a doctor may prescribe to you include acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. These are usually administered in three different forms, depending on severity. The first is in pill form, for when things are cool and the aim is to keep breakouts at bay.

If a breakout is already underway, these medications can be administered in their topical forms. These are applied directly on the sores and ulcers until they disappear. In case the severity has increased, these medications can be delivered via injections to help bring, rapidly, the condition under control.

A lot of people live long and fruitful lives when they take charge of their own health. They may never have to experience any breakouts after the initial one that alerts them to the condition. There are some situations that can cause breakouts to happen, even though one is on a course of treatment. These include:

  • Stress.
  • Illness, especially those that involve fevers.
  • Menstrual distress.
  • Exposure to the sun, especially where it has progressed into sunburns.

As one continues to live with the infection, chances of breakouts happening are reduced. This is because the medications and the body’s immune system fight the virus into dormancy. Also, an active person in good health may never experience any symptoms or breakouts.

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